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4 consultants that the cannon should pull instead of 'Emery'

Considered a situation that does not fight well for Arsenal, one of the leading teams in the English Premier League, both work that does not fight very well after the two consecutive matches in the league. คาสิโนออนไลน์ UFA365
In the latest, can only be done with Wolves in their own home 1-1 on November 2 ago. While in the cup, just eliminated the last 16 teams of the Carabao Cup with a penalty shootout against Liverpool. คาสิโนสดครบวงจร
Including the conflicts within the team between Unai Emery, manager and Mesut Ozil Play Makers who are rarely given the chance to play despite no injuries. Causing the football fans "The Gunner" to launch a #freeozil online campaign to support the German national team, in which the last two matches he has performed on the field have performed well.
There was also the issue of Granit Shaka, the current team captain, behaving inappropriately in front of fans After not impressive performance until being booed in a tie game with Crystal Palace 2-2 on 26 October until it became a big issue affecting both the image And the spirit in the team directly Which the Spanish trainer Still not resolving the aforementioned problem
With all the factors happening, there are rumors that Emery Head's "Cannon" head coach position is shaking up. "Odds shaker", the UK legal betting company, says Emery is the team manager. With the right to be released as the 3rd highest in the league, the top right now, behind Ralph Hasen Huttle (Southampton) and Marco Silva (Everton).
"With the results that were not as desired in the past We want to show shared responsibility for both me and the club in the team, knowing that it is a burden that we have to clean up from the cooperation of all parties. After the game, we tied up with Palace 2-2. Josh Krohnke, the club president, came into the dressing room to talk to me with about 10 minutes about the situation. By saying that time will help heal everything He behind me As well as supporting the players. "Emery said of his own situation after news that may be removed from his position.
Still, "Sport Keda", a famous foreign sports media Have analyzed the 4 coaches who are suitable to take over the Arsenal manager's role in the future if Emery is dismissed
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