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Paranormal force! "War Elephants" molest Defeated 'Yellow Tiger', dropping the crowd

The 2022 World Cup Qualifier Group G Round 4, "War Elephants" Thai national team visit "Yellow Tiger" Malaysia at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Malaysia, on 14 Nov, the Thai team has 7 points, leading the crowd. Malaysia has 3 points, the Thai team at 109 in the world, Malaysia at 158 ​​in the world. Thailand have never invaded Malaysia 39 years ago and have never won at Bukit Jalil, 2 draws, 2 defeats and never beat Malaysia in the World Cup draw, 1 draw, 2 defeats. ความโดดเด่นของเว็บพนันออนไลน์UFABET
Akira Nishino, Thai national coach Putting the system players 4-2-3-1 goalkeeper Siwak Thesungnern, Center Manuel Tom Beir, Elias Dolo, left-right bank, July Wiriya Udomsiri - Tristando Do, Sarat Yuyen midfielder, Pithiwat Sukjitthamkun, Eknit Panya offensive line, Chanathip Songkrasin, Suphachoksarnchart, with Thirasilpa Daeng Yuen, striker while Malaysia Of Tan Cheng Ho, the manager who had kicked Thailand out of the AFC AFF semi-finals Mizuki Cup 2018 and aims. Will lead the winning team to Thailand, following the 19-year team's track, sending Muhammad Zyfik, Safavid Sid, Mahamadu Zumareh leading the army UFABET
Before the race, it rained since the morning Until the start of the game, causing the slushy field to be played for just 7 minutes. The War Elephants got the ball flowing from Tritongdo to Achan Pitsanet to send Chanathip Songkrasin to strum into Thailand to bring Malaysia 1 -0 Then, Thailand pressed for a while before Malaysia started to set up the boat. Until the goal of the rival from firing in the penalty area of ​​Brendan on the 26th minute, ending the first half draw 1-1
Beginning in the second half, the Yellow Tigers are well offensive, using long attacks. But Thailand had a 51 minute chance. Aitkan flipped the penalty area into the penalty area, save for Khulur Khollok, Malaysia to 55 minutes. Thailand substituted Sivakon Tiatrakul instead. Sarat is cool 2 minutes later. Yellow overtake Brendan to raise the ball quickly for Mahamudu Sumareh, a 2-1 volley netting, then the home team performed well. Swept by Siwak for a minute 81 Thailand almost rivaled the match, placing Supachoke Eworn, shot by the Golden Malay flying away with a thrilling, then Badin Phla came on to replace Kanit at the end of the game. Defeating Thailand 2-1. Thailand stopped at 7 points, dropping the crowd immediately, while Malaysia 6 points came back to win
This is the defeat of the Thai football team to Malaysia in two matches in just 5 days after 10 Nov in the 19-year football qualifier in Cambodia, the yellow tiger junior won Thailand 1-0 to send the young Thai. Eliminated
Next match, 19 November, Thailand visits Vietnam, kicks off Thailand at 8:00 pm and Malaysia meets Indonesia.
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