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Enigmatic ambiguity! Erreira reveals that the contract has not been renewed.



Ander Herrera, midfielder Manchester United, opened his heart to the reason that he still refused to renew his contract. Because their opinions with the club are not the same Ready to wait for the offer from "Red Devils" throughout, but not closing the opportunity for other teams as well.


    Ander Arreira, a Manchester United midfielder, revealed the reason he didn't think about throwing a new contract. In the past period, the news went to prepare to bid farewell to the "Red Devils" to play for "PSG" Paris Saint-Germain next season.


    The 29-year-old midfielder, who has played in the Old Trafford for 5 seasons, but seems to have had his time with Manchester United near the end of the day because the current contract will run out in the summer. this And allow players to fly to any club without any fees


    Erreira, who moved from Athletic Bilbao to play with "Red Devils" in 2014, was rumored with Saint-Germain. Over the past several months Given the reason that he still refused to shake the ink, extended the new contract with the team, "Actually, I have a contract with the team for 2 months and today Manchester (United) and I still don't think too much. And can't agree on a new contract "


    "However, my duty is to wait to hear what United has to offer. I know what I'm going to do is play for the big teams. Of course, I still wait to hear what United has to offer, but also other clubs as well. I'm ready to accept every offer. "

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