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S. Gentry charged Scholes with a bet of 140 times.

Child film society Stated that he was charged with Paul Scholes, a former Oldham Athletic coach, showing inappropriate behavior related to football betting in the last 4 years, although at that time he also served as the owner of the Salford club City


                The English Football Association (FA) statement confirmed on Tuesday 16 April that Has taken charge of Paul Scholes, the legendary midfielder "Red Devils". Manchester United showed inappropriate behavior to play football betting for 140 times during the 4-year period. UFABET


               Former 44-year-old England midfielder, who is the owner of the Salford City club and fellow classmate "Class of 92", has played football betting since August. 2015 - January 2019, which is considered a dissection of the rules of the FA that prohibits individuals working in connection with football, either players, coaches or team owners. Have a bet on gambling, competition games


               The statement from the City Football Association said that "Paul Scholes was charged with inappropriate actions related to the FA rules of gambling. There have been accusations that he had played 140 football matches, which is in conflict with the FA rules, E 8, between 17 August 2015 and 12 January 2019. He has until 26 April 2019 to Accept or reject the charge


               It is possible that if Scholes, who had just announced his retirement from the Oldham Athletic team despite only 31 days in the army, may be punished by just adjusting the money. And was warned rather than being banned from the allegations By reason, because "Schloe" should be played for personal entertainment only

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