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Beckham caught the ball in a new shirt. Netizens caught the Romeo pontoon, not a ghost boy.

David Beckham, former England captain Capture all three sons Wearing a new homecoming dress "Red Devils" Manchester United former agency Before the netizens noticed the Romeo pants, the second son, then the flag was suspected of not being a ghost boy like his father, as he had actually heard.


    After having unveiled a new jersey for Manchester United's next season, just a few days on the side of Beckham, a former ghost boy. Was captured by three sons, Brooklyn, aged 20, 16-year-old Romeo and 14-year-old Cruz, wearing and taking pictures together in unison Before throwing into a private id เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด


    However, netizens noticed that in Romeo's list, they weren't wearing "red devils" but instead became Arsenal. Beckham's second son Shouldn't be a ghost child With previous news that He is a footballer "The Gunner" and used to have a former Olivier Chiride shirt "Big Gun" hanging in the bedroom. While a brother like Brooklyn and Cruz, the youngest son, once had a news stating that Manchester United was like a father.

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