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Can you agree! Phan Kalaprasa tea like Hyunmu


Louis Van Calg, legendary footballer, Manchester United, won by the devil "Red Devil" in the social world. After coming out from the Oleg Gunnar, Sol Cha Cha was not the same as Jose Mourinho, but who had been exalted because of the result of the victory over "Hyu".


    Louis Van Gall, legendary Dutch coach Show interesting comments when looking at Ole Gunnar Solcha, the current manager of Manchester United, has the same tactics as Jose Mourinho, who focuses on defensive and back gardening, but the difference is The big blood of Norway Can only win บอล1×2คืออะไร


    Cholcha has been honored throughout the year to bring a fun and exciting style of play back to the "Red Devils" once again since acting as a substitute for Mourinho who was fired from mid-December. Ago And make the team to be the top four in the Premier League And surpassed the finalists for the final eight UEFA Champions League UFABETเว็บตรง


    However, Van Gul looked at another angle, giving an interesting comment, thinking that the praise that Solcha had received about changing the tag "red devil" was like a real hue. Because if looking at the plan, the play of "Aun Candy" is the same as "Hai Mum" that dances to pick up And waiting for the garden to return only


    "People think that we have encountered false news since Donald Trump is the president. In football, we have encountered this kind for more than 50 years. The coach who came after the team after me (Mourinho) changed the tactics to the reception and waited for the garden to return. Now, the other coach (Seoul Tea) is playing, picking up and gardening too. The only difference between Mourinho and Sol Cha is that Seoul Tea won only "


    "I'm not at that point, but seeing the change. And the atmosphere seems to be better It is true that Sol Cha changed the position of Paul Pogba and caught him playing in areas where he was more important to the team, but Manchester United is currently not playing in the style that Ferguson created. They play games, pick up and wait for the garden to return. "


    "If you like that then go If you think it's more exciting than my dull, aggressive style of play, okay, but from my heart, I don't think that way. Seoul Tea has lost 2 games and he has to deal with this. Chester United have played in the Champions League because I have done "


    "so anyway They were able to win the Champions League because they played a tough game system. And it is very difficult To overcome them Which whether or not you like it or not It is a work that looks better than Mourinho. "

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