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Arsenal Arsenal draws old children Chelsea to reinforce the army for free.

Arsenal has pulled the old Chelsea boy to reinforce the support that is having problems. But still have to compete with West Ham and Crystal Palace who want to be the same Ufabet


      Arsenal are one of the 4 English Premier League clubs that are following the attention of Gary Cahill, the former defender of the Chelsea team after becoming an unmarked player, according to The Mirror Media reports. Good city On Saturday 29 June ago


    33-year-old Cahill just ended his contract with "Sing the Blues" after the end of last season and Chelsea did not renew the contract. Resulting in many teams interested in, in addition to "big guns", still have West Ham United, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa who want to pull to reinforce this summer.


    However, it is believed that Cahill wanted to play in London. Continue the same After playing for Chelsea since 2012, now only Arsenal, West Ham and Crystal Palace have signed up to win.


    At this time, Arsenal have a problem with the back line, Rob holding injury, losing right to the field during the start of the 2019/20 season. Spanish right That still needs time to recover from knee surgery

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