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Until today of "Supachok Sanchat"

From the children who secretly took the family to audition in Buriram To become the first Thai national team at the age of just 19 years, who is he? Follow here by Milovan Rajevash, Serbian consultant Also shows how to build a team for the future When he gave the opportunity for new players to continue to participate in the Thai national team, Suphachoksarnchart, a 19-year-old midfielder from Buriram United, is one of the top two players that have been called in the list of 25. The first to cut to 23 people for the World Cup 2018 Qualifying Rounds. Asian Qualifier Round 12, meet with Iraq and Australia. เว็บแทงบอลสด ที่ดีที่สุด
Suphachoke started playing football at the age of about 9 years old as a child who had fun with friends around the house. But the footsteps of the feet are considered extraordinary When becoming an institution immediately Since entering Khukhan School Srisaket Province In the secondary level Through football competitions within the neighborhood and in many different schools. While being 3 years younger than teammates
Before the turning point in life quickly occurred when Supachoke, aged 13, was one of the school's players, along with the 4-5 seniors that the coach saw. Take to go to audition with the Academy Buriram United (Phatharabophit School) in the age not over 16 years, although carrying to play up to 3 years, but with a talent that has him as 1 in 10 more than the selected people. From more than 1,000 youths. And more interesting than that, this trip "check" didn't tell the family at all
"You can say that you can hide it," said Suphachok with a smile. "Actually, at that time I didn't have the idea that we would be as good as a professional footballer. Decided to In part because the coach and the elder invited I thought it would be fun and a good experience, so I tried without first asking my parents' permission. "
"At that time there was no idea or confidence what would be attached. Because at first I saw a lot of people, more than 1,000 people. Also, I was 13 years old, also auditioned for 16 years of age. I think the chance to be very difficult to very difficult But in the end, I became confused with the names of more than 10 people. "
"Now, I can't close my parents. So show them to me that I have a name Had to move to sleep in Buriram. At first he was afraid that he wouldn't be ok? Because we like to hide But in the end, he was ok to let us go I'm glad that the parents Including everyone in the family to understand In fact, he has not blocked me in this matter anyway. "
Since that day, Suphachok has become one of Buriram United's brightest stars. He started by taking the 14-year-old academy to win the Football Department of the Department of Physical Education students. Over 16 years to win the runner up at the Department of Physical Education, Cup A., 3rd place, Primomin football In the Thailand Championship Including in the Coke Cup runner-up set Under the age of 19 years from 2015-2016, the same model as Chaowat Wirachat, Sittichok Kanun and Anon Amonlertsak
Meanwhile, Supachoke, who was only 16 years old, still turned professional into football when Buriram United sent him to collect leather skills with Surin City in the 2nd Division, Northeast Zone in 2015 and With a footstep that is too smart Allowing him to live on only one leg Before the second leg of the Lightning Castle pushed into the first major set in life.
From then, the name of Supachok began to keep an eye on more and more. Including playing in the Toyota Thai League and AFC Champions League From under 18 years of age, as well as being a Thai national team under the age of 19, both in the qualifying round Hosted by Thailand Including the final round in Bahrain before spending 3 years playing professional football Advance to the Thai national team for the first time. Which may be called "Fah after the rain" because he recently just dropped out of the Thai national team, not more than 23 years old, in the SEA Games battle In malaysia
"Very surprised Surprise. "Supachok, who scored 7 goals on the Toyota Thai League, said of being called Milovan Rachevajaj calling the Thai national team for the first time.
"Previously, I was heartbroken from the SEA Games. But now I have the first big name in my life Can say that the sky after the rain is fine I am very happy. It's a really wonderful feeling. It's my dream since childhood. "
"It was an opportunity that came very quickly. I never thought that at the age of 19 I would have had the opportunity to wear the first set. But when the opportunity came I will try my best and the best I can. "
"I want to thank the coach (Milovan Rajevash) for giving me the opportunity. Looking at the little boy at the age of 19 years like me, really thank you. And also thank Buriram United club for pushing me all the time. "
"While my goal was not what I expected I want to get as much experience as possible first. "Supachoke ended with determination.
Did you know
- Suphachok Sanchat is a citizen of Sisaket Province. Truly born in a farmer's family Parents work in their own rice fields. Along with running a fertilizer store business along with two real brothers, one of which is Suphanat Muaktak, the Thai national team under 16 years of age, the latest ASEAN championship series
- Supachok Sanchat and Supanat are the same as their surname, because Supachok uses the mother's surname. Most recently, the younger brother was pushed to Buriram United to go up to the big set. And have the opportunity to play together for the first time in a warm-up game that won Ranong United 0-1 in 2016.
- Owning the statistics of the 2nd youngest player to play Toyota Thai League for Buriram United at the age of just 17 years, 2 months and 18 days in the attack game, winning the hometown of Sisaket FC 0-1 in 2015, second only to Anon. Amorn Lertsak 16 years 9 months
- Ranked # 5 for the youngest player to score a goal on Toyota Thailand 
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