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FA HAI fined Silva Pan money in case of Pao Pao

The good-looking city of the film club is punished by Marco Silva, Mr. Yai Everton. With a fine of 12,000 pounds after being referred to the charges of improper behavior that blamed the actions of Pao and assistants in the match against Newcastle in early March.


    English Football Association (FA) statement to adjust the money for Marco Silva, the Portuguese team manager of Everton, for £ 12,000 (approximately 492,000 baht) from the case of Mr. Big. "Blue Toffee" shows offensive behavior, putting Lee Mason, the referee and assistant referee in the game against Newcastle United. เว็บแทงบอลตรง


    Everton lost in the league game against "Salika Dong" 3-2 at St. James Park on March 9, despite having taken 2-0 before the first half by Silva. Very pleased with the triumph of Ayos Perez.


    After the game, Silva entered the field to blame Mason's duties with the assistant referee. By such behavior causing the child to be guilty of being a child of a nobleman, charged with showing inappropriate behavior And this job is already accepted Which caused him to be punished by adjusting money


    FA's statement stated on Tuesday, March 19 that Marco Silva was fined 12,000 pounds from the independent commission. However, the bloody consultant Not being ordered to ban the team

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