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The court ordered Starman City to pay for babysitting.

Riyadh Mahrez, Algerian national team wing Was ordered by the court to pay a wage of 3,612 pounds from a former nanny And the OT value as promised That the income of the trader is up to 200,000 pounds per week 


               Riyadh Mahrez, the winged "blue sail" Manchester City, was ordered by the court to pay 3,612 pounds (about 148,092 baht) for his former nanny. After the star of the Algerian national team Drew the sword, refused to pay the wages as promised From the revelation of "The Sun", the famous media in England


               Katalina "K at" Maris Flores, 52-year-old big girl, receives 12 pounds of income (about 492 baht) per hour. Unlike Maharez, who receives 200,000 pounds of Manchester City wages (approximately 8.2 million baht ) Per week, desperate, stingy, refusing to pay wages And overtime payment according to the contract, including a hook of 3,612 pounds for Filipino mentors


              However, the court ordered the 28-year-old's wing to pay all money with K, which was completed by Filipino housewives. I work hard every hour I just want my money I work very hard For that sum But he refused to pay me I don't know what to do. "


              "I'm ready to work for them. And can call 24 hours a day. I sleep with the children So if they wake up, I have to lull them to sleep. I didn't go home. I am in Manchester And have to work hard every hour I never had a problem with work. I work every hour and should be paid. Mahrez receives 200,000 pounds of wages per week. I don't want to destroy anyone. I just want my money He's very stingy. "


               K, who first worked with Mahrez and his wife Rita, through the agency in March last year. By living in North London, together with their 2 daughters, while still playing for "The Fox" Leicester City

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