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Reminded! InVo is said to be right. Solcha is not suitable to control Man U.

Paul Innes, a former midfielder, said he was right to announce that Ole Munnar Solcha was not worthy of being a Manchester United coach and Mauricio Pochettino, the big Spurs. Is the one who is very suitable for "red devils"


    Paul Inn, the former midfielder of Manchester United, the English Premier League giants, said that the situation has now proven that he was right in all respects that he said that Ole Kunnar Seoul Tea is not suitable for Being a "Red Devil" team manager FUN88


    When he came to control Manchester United as a provisional coach, Sol Cha made the most outstanding performance. So many people believe that he is the right person to make the team come back great And has demanded that he be promoted to become a permanent master. However, Inc is one of the people who came to object to that matter. เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด


    In the end, the Manchester United board of directors decided that Sol Cha had a permanent team. But after this time, the top team of the local Old Trafford made the job very bad. After the former Spearhead of Norway had a permanent contract on March 28, Manchester United won only 2 games from all 7 matches in every program, plus the remaining 5 games were all losers.


    Inc said, "When I look at the club I was very concerned about their future. They are far from many teams. Why do players who have performed well when Ole came to take over the new team? How to play badly now? True that they have no proper personality, no leadership, no commitment. But the person who is the manager of the team must create the motivation for the players as well. "


    "This is the same player that has done a great job a few weeks ago. Therefore, if they do not feel that they have motivation It is Ole's duty to correct that matter. I told him that before he became a permanent manager (that Sol Cha should not have controlled Manchester United permanently) at that time, I was hit by many people. But what I say is correct in all respects. In fact, I want him to succeed. But I don't think he is good enough to do this job. "


    "New team building work is a big event. And other players Would you like to move to Manchester United to play for him? I am not sure about that. This is completely different from the famous players like Pepsi, Cardio, and Jurgloplop. The truth is that they (Manchester United's board of directors) should wait until the end of the season to give him a permanent team. It is not necessary to hurry to appoint him. "


    "so anyway Everyone flows along the stream. And think with heart Rather than using their heads at that time, Zinedine Zidan was still unemployed. And in my eyes, Mauricio Pochettino is the right person to always lead them forward. "The famous midfielder said.

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