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Coach Bae pointed out that the game was difficult, even though Siwachai-Chom "Kornvichit" was doing better than expected.


"Coach Ba" Prosperity, Dilok culture, after taking the army "AFC" C. 62, which is past and is the second consecutive victory.


    By "Coach Ba" Phairot Bowonwattanadilok said, "It's a difficult game. His competitors have a high commitment. But we did well at one level Even if distracting But we think the game control we can do better "

 "Actually, we didn't want to come and play and wait and go back. We want to be more of a ball. But the style and situation of the game changed. We have to adjust the style of play. " แจกเครดิตฟรี


     "Coach Ba" also talked about Kavit Thasa, the Thai national team's star-studded star, who was able to beat the first goal in this season. "We saw that he practiced well until the field was actually in the first game. Prachuab suitable for the main players still have injuries until they have played continuously. Which we did not expect him that But he can do better than expected Must really appreciate him Even though some strokes may be seen dropping But played almost until the last second of the game Considered the future of the club And the national team as well "


      For the next appointment program of SCG, Muang Thong United will invade Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC on Sunday 31 March 62 at Mitrphol Stadium at 18.00 hrs.

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