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Overhaul the teeth! Sol tea brings to the dentist.

Ole Kunnar Solcha, the big man, Manchester United, plans to bring the "Red Devils" back to greatness as soon as possible, starting with the team overhaul. Including bringing players to see a dentist to check for dental health Because it helps to discover various problems Because it is a better way to check health than other methods การเล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์


    Ole Kunnar Solcha, the Norwegian team manager of the "Red Devils", Manchester United, the Premier League club Plan to bring the dentist to the club to inspect the dental health of all staff members. From the disclosure of The Sun, the leading media in England


    "The Red Devils" made a very disappointing performance last season, when they finished the season in the top 6, missed the quota to play in the UEFA Champions League and showed off on the European stage, just the UEFA Euro Cup. The only league in the league next season, Seoul Tea has a strong commitment to bring the team back to greatness again. And started with a new team overhaul and released 15 players


    Not yet exhausted, just "Candy" is also handling the regulations, training plans. And prepare to catch all players to check their teeth Because oral health examination will be able to discover injury problems. And various health Which other tests cannot be done like dental examination


    A source in Old Trafford said that "For now there is not much at Carrington. (Manchester United practice ground) because players are on vacation The dentist expects to have a dental examination during the first 2 days, which should be in early July. Which takes about the first week by the dentist to come from Cheshire And make a check, which is good for health care. "

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