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The face of Man City fans stretched. Fred - the police collected.


Must be punished for being afraid Manchester City football fans have been collected by the police. After doing the gestures and the sound of a monkey wearing Fred, the work side confirms the punishment if true. Because it is unacceptable behavior พนันบอลออนไลน์ฟรี UFA365
     Manchester City police officers are gathering together, Anthony Burke, Manchester City football fans. And make a monkey sound at the Manchester United midfielder Fred in the Premier League game "Red Devils" attack, slash to win "The Blues" 2-1 on Saturday 7 December
    Amy Burke's ex-girlfriend, via Daily Mail, the city's elite on Sunday. "At this time he is with the police. He has been gathered up. He was arrested this morning. Right now, he's not living with me anymore. It is very scary. Me and my children have to be threatened to kill. "
    Burke, 40, is a former officer in the United Kingdom Armed Forces who has served in Northern Ireland. And currently has a career as a civil engineer of the Kear Group Company
    The Kirk Group confirms that the investigation is underway, and if found that their own employees actually committed the crime, will definitely be severely punished. Since it is unacceptable behavior
    In addition to Fred being racist and throwing things at, midfielder Jesse Lindard's teammate "Red Devils" is a racist target for football fans. "Blue Sailboat" too
    Lindard tweeted that "It may be a derby match game. But there is no reason to show such racial behavior. "
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