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Are there any obstacles? Open the conditions for Man U and the opportunity to pull Sancho to join the army.

The Express, British media Hit the news about the case of Jedan Sancho, Dortmund's distant future, stating "The Yellow Tiger" did not make a deal with Man City, Sancho's former team. United amid rumors that "Red Devils" are interested in him.


    Manchester United, the Premier League club of the English Premier League, can walk on to grab the Jetson Sancho, the rising star of Borussia Dortmund to join the army as comfortably as Manchester City does not have. Entering the conditions, do not allow him to stay with the "Red Devils" in any way according to the Express Express media. สมัครสมาชิกUFABET


    Sancho used to be a child in Manchester City Academy before the final. "The Blue Sailor" will release him with Dortmund in the summer of 2017 with the value believed to be around 9.1 million pounds (about 373.1 million baht) with options. To buy back to join the team Which is now the 18-year-old who has done a great job with the "Yellow Tiger" until he was highly praised And with the England national team as well


    The best form of Sancho has made many teams that are reportedly interested in him, which Manchester United is one of them. By Napoleon of the top team of the Old Trafford, following his form for a while


    However, before this, there were rumors that when Manchester City agreed to release Sancho to Dortmund, the local team of Etihad Stadium put the conditions for it. Dortmund was strictly prohibited from selling Sancho to Manchester United because he was afraid that their former children would return to attack them in the coat of the town's antagonists.


    At that time, the latest Express said that there was no such condition. This means that Manchester United can walk on to pull Sancho to join the team without any obstacles, believing that Dortmund will sell him out of the team if he gets a decent value.

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