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Chlopp if you are free to watch the Manchester Derby game


Jurgen Klop, Mr. Yai Liverpool Not expecting much with Manchester United in the game. Manchester City this Wednesday, "Red Devils" are not in the same strong range. And specify if there is free time to watch this game


    Gergen Klop, Liverpool's German manager, opened his mind to watch the Derby match between Manchester United and Manchester City on Wednesday 24 April. Ready to accept, do not expect "Red Devils" to be able to split points with "Blue sailboat" FUN88


    For the chance to win the top league, the noble city at this time has entered a crucial period when Manchester City have to visit the Old Trafford in the remaining matches. Which if they can't beat "Red Devils" will result in Liverpool failing to return to the crowd And every situation will immediately return to the hands of "Reds"


    However, Manchester United's form during this time was not good when they lost 4 out of the last 5 games from every play under the reins of the Ole Miss Gunnar Sol tea manager and the last was just defeated. Relatives "Blue Toffee" Everton 0-4 League game on Sunday


    Klopp opened his mind that he might not be able to watch the Manchester derby match. In the middle of this week "I think I will watch this game if nothing else is done. Hopefully I will avoid saying this. We have no influence in this game already. It doesn't look like Manchester United can do anything during this time. Yesterday's result? 3-0?, 4-0? "


    "So we would have seen Manchester City be ready and we will wait and see if Manchester United will be ready. It's a normal game Is a game that they have to play We have played there and always have results. We have to play that game at Manchester United when they have a stronger time. And always have results 0-0. We have to concentrate on many What we have to do That is the best thing ever. And I do not see the reason why we have to change this, "Klopp said.

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