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Here it is, "Owen" analyzed before the game. "Genk - Liverpool" with expected results.


"Michael Owen" the legendary striker "England team" came to analyze in depth before the game between "Racing Genk" that will open the house to handle "Liverpool" in the UCL group battle 2019-20 ready. Expected results เทคนิคแก้ปัญหาสูตรแทงทบ
Foreign news agencies reported on 23 October that the legendary striker Michael Owen "Roaring Lion" England team. Out to analyze in depth before the game between Racing Genk to open the house to deal with "Reds" Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League 2019-20 Group Stage 3 Group E match 3, with expected results.
It is understood that Genk are in the final position of the group with only 1 point from the tie 1 and losing 1 match, while the visiting team who carried an old championship degree last season ranked 2nd with 3 Points from results Winning 1 loss 1 match
Most recently, Michael Owen came out to analyze before this game that "Genk lost in the league last Saturday's game and now they are in 3rd place and this game they won 0-0 with Napoli last game while the visiting team survived their last match in the league. When they rivaled Manchester United 1-1 at the end of the game, and their previous match, they were once again saved by a 4-4 defeat to Salzburg. In this game, I see it as The visiting team will collect three points back home. "
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