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Thank you! Donate more than 400,000 pounds to the health center.

Sir Alex Ferguson, blood coach, whiskey Sombat Boonkhun, National Health Service Center By organizing the event to raise funds for this place The latter contributed to the safety of the brain due to bleeding. Jergen Klop is one of the donors.


    Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary coach of "Red Devils", Manchester United donated 405,000 pounds (approximately 16.6 million baht) to the National Health Service Center (NHS) to thank him for saving lives. he After surgery from bleeding in the brain In May 2018 สูตรแทงหวยออนไลน์


    The 77-year-old Scottish footballer must be brought to Salford Royal Hospital urgently on Saturday, May 5, after having a brain hemorrhage. Before the surgery goes well beyond the danger And now back to health แทงบอลเว็บตรง


    The latest Sir Ferrer Hosted a fundraising event to raise money for National Health Service Center At a hotel in Manchester On Friday, with this event, Gerber Klopp, the manager of the "Reds" Liverpool and famous actor James Nesbitt As well as many celebrities have donated


    The source revealed to "The Sun" media in the UK, "Alex did everything well all night. And the guests were interested in his story There is a lot of donations, but Alex intends that all this money will be given to the National Health Service Center. He is fully supportive of them. And that is even more since he experienced health problems "

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