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Speaking interesting! Rice responded clearly after the news.

De Clan Rise, midfielder, star Roh West Ham United spoke about the issue of receiving attention from Manchester United and revealing the feeling he now plays for the agency.


    The talented midfielder West Clan Rise of West Ham United, the club in the English Premier League, insists that he doesn't pay attention to the news that he is getting the attention of Manchester United's rival league club. UFABET


    Rice has shown outstanding form with the agency this season. Until getting a chance to stick to the England national team And have played 2 matches in the past few days Until the current news that "Red Devils" is ready to spend 35 million pounds (about 1,435 million baht), hoping to join the gang this summer, but the latest 20-year-old star player clearly stated that now misses only to play "Hammer" only


    "I'm happy now. I played every week. And I have a great relationship with the fans here Our field is superb. I love every minute of West Ham being compared to other players. Or having news with other clubs, honestly, I don't care. "


    "If you go with it a lot You will be more watched as well. I am now just 20 years old. I just concentrate on playing for West Ham and enjoying playing football with a smile. "Rice opened with BT Sport, the leading British sports media.

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