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Dissecting 4 hot issues "Liverpool" overturned Arsenal with it.

"Reds" Liverpool through the Arsenal round of the 8 final team Carabao Cup and here are 4 points to be seen in this game. ufabetบาคาร่าสร้างรายได้
1. A fun, exciting game for football fans
It could be said that anyone who had been at Anfield last night would definitely go back with happiness. Because they are fully entertained by both teams scoring 10 goals in 90 minutes and also seeing a penalty shootout of 9 goals, a total of 19 goals worth the lost card for sure And have to admire both teams as well Open the game to exchange, very fun สมัครเล่นบาคาร่าufabet
2. Outstanding players of 2 teams
This match on Liverpool's side, I'd give Dwight Oreke because of all the important goals. Both the rivalry 4-4 goals and the rivalry 5-5 goals in injury time are highly concentrated on the game. Can always rely on the time of the Arsenal side to have to give youngster Gabriel Martinez as decisive because in the penalty area, this match was scored 2 goals.
3. The rising star of the future
This game, we have seen a young rising star from both Liverpool and Arsenal of Liverpool, with right-back Neko Williams able to do 1 assist and Arsenal with Gabriel Martinez. Lally and José Willock to watch
4. The team suffered heavily from both teams.
Swan fans should definitely not be okay with the team's defensive form. Especially the match between Zapp van Denburg and Joe Gomez who scored so easily Allowing Arsenal to tumult in the penalty area many times. And hit 5 goals as a lesson Arsenal are not equal. Zcodran Mustafi plays poorly and scores his own goal. Rob Holding is often missed. Not well-positioned
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