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Sardine suggests that I should hold the former star like Liverpool as a model?


Mauricio Cesar, Chelsea consultant, Gonzalo Higuain pioneered the bloody "blue-white" pistol, looking at Luis Suarez, a former Liverpool striker, being a role model for the league. A good person is confident Iquin is able to regain good form at the end of the season.


    Mauricio Cesar, Chelsea manager, believes Gonzalo Higuain, the striker of the Argentine team Should take the Luis Suarez spearhead, Barcelona as a model to adapt to the style of play in the English Premier League after Suarez had succeeded in playing for Liverpool. สมัครufabet


    Iguevin has just scored 3 goals from 11 singles for "Sing the Blues" since moving from Juventus on a loan contract last January, which Sary points out. Suarez level shot has already met with Liverpool football by the Uruguayan national team, 32 years old, only 15 goals from 44 Premier League games since the first move from Ajax. Amsterda In January 2011, but later referred Tung Aotearoa 54 of 66 shots over the last two seasons with the "Reds" gang before moving to Barcelona in 2014.


    "He needs to develop both physical and mental conditions. Because he will be very important to us at the end of the season It's not easy to play in the Premier League for the first few months, which Suarez had encountered like this with the first season in Liverpool, but the next season, he scored 23 goals. "


    "It's not easy for the striker anyway. To play and work immediately, I think he needs to adjust his environment To match the Premier League game, but I think he can do it, "the Italian coach said.

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