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Man U joined the hunt for "Hudson-Doi" - Bayern did not discourage and offered a legendary number.


Manchester United became another team that was interested in grabbing the Cullum Hudson-O Doi Yot Wing, England's rising star. While Bayern Munich, who had missed the hopes during the January buy-sell market, will return to submit an offer again and give the number 10 shirt to the trader.


    Daily Mail Media from England reported that in addition to Liverpool, Borussia, Dortmund, and Bayern Munich, Manchester United, the club from the English Premier League, are interested in grabbing. Cullum Hudson-O, the rising star of Chelsea as well สูตรแทงหวยออนไลน์


    From the current contract of Hudson-Doi Will end with Chelsea in 2020, and the news will not appear to the new pen. By the way, Sing the Blues wants to hold this young star to stay with the team. The report from the media stated that Obstacles to the wages that O Doi Wants to pay 85,000 pounds per week. Not as important as the opportunity to enter the field. By this time, the 18-year-old youngster has not yet been given the opportunity to play in the league since Mauricio Cesar has joined the team and just played 274 minutes in the official game แทงบอลเว็บตรง


    And even though Chelsea Are faced with the problem of a flat penalty, do not buy-sell players And the opportunity for Eden Hazard to be featured in the team, with news of his involvement in moving to Real Madrid, but the team from London Signed a contract in advance to grab the Christian Pulicic from Dortmund into the team, thus making the future of Hudson-Doi Still in the status of the next question mark


    The media also added that Chelsea had no intention of releasing the British Red Wings team this summer. In particular, sold to competitors in the league. However, Bayern Munich, who had submitted a proposal of 30 million pounds or about 1,230 million baht to the indigo blue lion During the past winter market Will return to buy the same amount again The team from the Bavarian region welcomed the number 10 shirt for Hudson-Doi. Instead of Arjen Robben, who is going to bid farewell to the team after this season To attract the people to move to the Allianz area

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