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Cut the grade of Manchester United Astana slaughter game Open head Europa League

Announcing the "Red Devils" football team scores for Manchester United after opening home matches against Astana in the Europa League first round match. แทงบอลสดแบบง่าย ๆ
Foreign news agencies reported on 20 September that Manchester Evening News, local media in Manchester. Out to score the players "Red Devils" Manchester United after the opening of the Old Trafford beat Astana 1-0 in the Europa League first group match last night. Comes from Mason Greenwood's 73rd minute shot, with the highest scores being 2 with 8 of them being Greenwood and Fred.
Manchester United football team scores are as follows
Sergio Romero (GK) 6: Because United are attacking on one side. Romero didn't really do much. But the timing of cutting the ball is good
Diogo Godolot 4: Can often add more games But almost never opened the ball There was a chance to be a shot from Lindard's shot and could not be shot again.
Axel Tanse 7: Considered to have excellent form Almost no error
Phil Jones 7: Good form, like the Tébéné Séez, the game has all been cleared. In addition, the second half also has the rhythm of pulling the ball up to the front as well.
Marcos Roho 6: Lively play in the left-back There are many chances to open the ball beautiful but friends can't finish the score themselves. And having a trick from a far distance shot
Neaman Yamatics 5: Still having the same problems Which means thinking slowly and slowly
Fred 8: Considered very outstanding in this game, drives the game well, diligently chases the ball, has a long shot to hit the crossbar. Free kick shot, got the last round to get 1 assist from Greenwood to score a goal
Hit Hit Chong 3: Come down to play on the left wing. But seems to be a little scurry Therefore doing very little things
Angelel Gomes 6: Using a lot of personal talents can help the team. Calling fouls many times
Mason Greenwood 8: Though the shooting chances are low But tried many times Until finally achieving the goal and becoming the team's goal
Marcus Rashford 5: The disappointing finish as a striker Has a golden chance to shoot in the penalty area 2 times. Break free kicks, just thrilling The question remains whether it is suitable for position number 9.
Jesse Linard 6: Come down to increase diligence in the offensive line. Not to shoot at full range But unfortunately being brushed by the goalkeeper
Juan Mata 5: Down to connect the game But can't do much
Ashley Young 5: Not very involved
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