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Wenger revealed that he tried to draw Messi to Arsenal.


Arsene Wenger stated that he had tried to get Lionel Messi to Arsenal since Messi was just a young player, but Barcelona refused. Let him เทคนิคแทงบอลสด
     Arsene Wenger, the legendary manager of Arsenal, the top club of the English Premier League, revealed that he had previously tried to bring Barcelona striker Lionel Messi to be with "Cannon" since Messi was still the only youth player in the academy.
    Messi joined Barcelona's academy in 2001, where he was given the opportunity to play for the first team in the official game in the 2004-05 season before continuing to improve. Yes Until becoming one of the most talented players in the world
    Wenger revealed to B-Sports, one sports media that "When we brought (Chase) Fabregas to the team, we talked about signing with him because Messi originally played with him (Fabregas) before. Sometimes you You can feel how good you have a great youth team when you were a club like Barcelona. At that time, they had both, Gerard Pique and Fabregas in the same team. Pique and Fabregas moved to England, while Messi Spain is the next time we have an interest in him. But at that time he was an untouchable player. "
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