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Ghost fan, what? Manu, ready to release Pogba back to Juventus.

Media such as Italy, bulging "Red Devils" Manchester United and Paul Pogba released the colorful midfielder back to Juventus, but there is one condition that "Zebra" must think well. คาสิโนออนไลน์ฟรีโบนัส


               Manchester United, the giant club of the English Premier League stage, has informed the Juventus club of the macaroni that they have to put the Kusolo full back of the Portuguese. As part of the offer If you want to grab the French star midfielder Paul Pogba Returned to join the army, according to reports from Sky Italia, Italy's leading sports media On Thursday 13 June ago


              It is believed that Juventus are interested in pulling Pogba back to join the team, but Manchester United want to keep the players active for at least another 12 months, but the latest Sky Italia says " Red Devils "ready to consider release French national team star, 26 years old, as well. If "Zebra" opens the way for them to grab the Kansolo to join the army.


               The Manchester City club rivals the city. Is another team that wants to get Kansolo

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